Lifting the Veil...

As we have previously explained in Our Ethos, our aim is to better understand the possible allegorical and symbolic meanings of Masonic ritual and the wider topics a Freemason is expected to study as part of his personal journey of moral and spiritual development.

Our members regular prepare and present papers at our Regular and Lodge of Instruction meetings on a range of subjects leading to discussions both during the meeting and afterwards at the Festive Board.

Need a presentation at your Lodge???

Below is a selection of some of the presentations Lodge members and visitors have been pleased to receive from other members. If you would be interested in receiving either one of these presentations or something else of Masonic interest at one of your lodge meetings, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Sacred Geometry

By Bro Matthew J Hargreaves

As one of the seven liberal arts and sciences, an understanding of geometry is essential. How might geometry have influenced both operative masons and our ritual? What can geometry add to our understanding of our individual spiritual development?

The Psychology of Freemasonry

By Bro Mark J Walker

Taking the concept of the lodge as simultaneously macrocosm and microcosm, a trained psychologist looks at the role of the lodge officers and asks if there are comparisons with modern science's understanding of the workings of the human brain.

 An Introduction to Contemplative Freemasonry

By Bro Justin Hawkins

In seeking to gain a better understanding of ourselves, our ritual urges us to "contemplate", but what does this mean in practical terms and how might contemplation improve our understanding of our allegory and symbolism?