Our Ethos - Why you should visit our Lodge

This page is aimed primarily at existing Freemasons interested in visiting the Lodge of Restoration.

Our main reason for founding this Lodge is to explore, at a much deeper level, the history and origins of the ritual, the allegory and symbolism within the ritual and what it might mean for each of us in our personal journey of self-development and in turn, what this means in terms of the moral and spiritual values Freemasonry is concerned with.

Within our meetings, we aim to create an environment for reflection, contemplation and, as our name suggests, restoration from the cares of the mundane world. We therefore hold periods of quiet reflection, where the Worshipful Master will direct the brethren to consider a specific topic. With this in mind, brethren are not expected to talk during meetings, unless required to do so within a ceremony or when participating in a presentation on a subject of interest. We believe this quiet and reflective approach to Freemasonry is essential to create the environment for individual learning.

Our ritual includes a number of interesting variations and extended pieces gathered from across the English Constitution, which we hope will enhance the experience for candidates, members and visitors alike and create a better understanding of the allegory and symbolism, although it is fair to say that for every possible answer you receive, more questions arise! Nevertheless, whilst we don’t claim to have all the answers (mainly because we believe that Freemasonry is a personal journey and thus there cannot be a “right” answer), our members have come together to share their individual knowledge, research and experiences across Freemasonry in its broadest sense.

Our members therefore make regular presentations within our Lodge meetings, which we hope will promote learning and discussion, both within the meeting and afterwards at the Festive Board. We maintain this theme in our Lodge of Instruction, where we aim to devote time to improving in Masonry and making our daily advancement in Masonic knowledge. As such, our Lodge of Instruction meets in Masonic dress, which helps to enhance the learning experience and differentiate it from our Lodge of Rehearsal.

Both our regular and Lodge of Instruction meetings start at 19.30. We have deliberately moved away from the typical 18.00 start time because we feel that a later start will better suit working brethren. We have a Festive Board after both our regular and Lodge of Instruction meetings. So that we can still conclude the evening at a reasonable time (c22.30), our Festive Board is a less formal affair, comprising a buffet supper and a shorter toast list.

If the above sounds like what you would like to get from your Masonry and you would like to visit either one of our regular meetings or our Lodge of Instruction, please use our Contact Us page.

Our regular meetings are held as follows:

  • 3rd Wednesday in January
  • 3rd Wednesday in April
  • 3rd Wednesday in June
  • 3rd Wednesday in September

Our Lodge of Instruction meetings are held as follows:

  • 3rd Wednesday in February
  • 3rd Wednesday in May
  • 3rd Wednesday in August
  • 3rd Wednesday in November

All our meetings start at 19.30 and are held at:

Northfield Masonic Centre,
641, Bristol Road South,
Birmingham, B31 2JS